Acceptance Term

I declare to be aware of and accept the conditions for conducting the Trumpet course at FC DE OLIVEIRA PRODUCOES EPP, registered with CNPJ / MF under No. 05.597.674 / 0001-39, headquartered at Kingston Street, 28 - Jardim Rubi, CEP 12245-150, São José dos Campos, State of Sao Paulo, hereafter simply referred to as CONTRACTED, according to the following related criteria:



The course will have its content available for a period of 12 months, offered in the distance mode, via internet, where classes will be accessed through a personalized link to each student for restricted access by Internet Protocol Address (IP Address).


The course will be accessible to the Student upon confirmation of full payment or first payment in installment mode;


The course will be fully online. The student attends the classes and every 15 (fifteen) days can access the call of questions, through the link sent



The act of registration will have its formal confirmation, by accepting these terms which will only be considered made after the confirmation of full payment or the first payment in installment mode;


The student must fill in all the data in the online application form, containing his / her qualification, ID number, CPF / MF number and full address, being responsible for the information provided;


After the registration and proof of payment, will be sent by the CONTRACTED PARTY to the student the personalized link of classes, with restricted access by IP.


The student may not under any circumstances record or copy, share, transmit or print by any means the content of the online classes.



The CONTRACTOR is not responsible for any kind of damage, injury or any other problem arising from the use, inability to use or defects of the student or third party computer programs or technology systems as well as data loss, viruses, and any other events. that is beyond the control and diligence of the CONTRACTED PARTY.


Under no circumstances will the CONTRACTED PARTY be liable for the costs with the means of transmission of the classes (common internet, broadband, 3G, 4G connection, etc.). Regarding the connection, one of 0.8 Mbps upload and 8 Mbps download is recommended. Connections below may cause connection difficulties or lock-ups during class playback.

The CONTRACTING PARTY does not guarantee, under any circumstances, that the systems of connection to the internet access services (via telephone, cable, or any other) are free from possible failures or interruptions, not being responsible for the quality of the network used for access. service, as it is maintained by a third party, and therefore evades the control, diligence, and responsibility of the institution.


STUDENT declares to be aware that minor programming defects (bugs) are common to technology systems, thus exempting the CONTRACTOR from any liability for damages arising from such usual bugs. The company's liability is limited to the correction of any events that may be encountered while performing this Agreement.



In addition to the recommended connection speed, STUDENT is aware of the necessary prerequisites for monitoring and taking advantage of the course in the contracted mode, and will have these with their own resources, namely:


Minimum Prerequisites (all essences!)


Operating system: Windows or Mac

Browser: Google Chrome (Latest Version)

Video Card: YES

Sound card: YES

Accessories: webcam + earphone + microphone

Minimum connection: minimum requirement 0.8 Mbps upload and 8 Mbps download (visit to test your connection speed).

Adobe Flash Player installation (latest version).

GMAIL email address and Google+ profile



The total amount of the course will be R $ 1,050.00 (One thousand and fifty reais), paid in 10 installments by credit card or cash payment, via bank slip or deposit;



The STUDENT may exercise, within seven (7) days, from the availability of access to the selected course, his right of repentance, provided for in article 49 of Law 8.098 / 1990 (Consumer Protection Code), provided attended over 30% (thirty percent) of the course content.


Between 8 (eight) and 30 (thirty) days from the availability of access to the selected course, the Student may request cancellation as follows:


Will not be refunded the values ​​corresponding to classes attended at least once.

A fee of 20% (twenty percent) will be charged on the amount of classes not attended.

The amount of the refund will be deposited in a checking account (in case of payment by debit card, bank transfer or bank slip) or credited to the corresponding credit card (for amounts already paid).


There will be no refund on cancellations made beyond 30 (thirty) days from the availability of access to the selected course.



To be eligible for certification, students must complete their educational activities with a minimum of 70% achievement and within the established time.



Any omissions will be resolved on the basis of the relevant legislation.


The CONTRACTOR has the full right to change the present term of acceptance of services for online courses without prior notice to students.



The São Paulo court is hereby elected to settle any dispute arising out of this contract, however privileged any other may seem.

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