House of Jazz

SESC - São José dos Campos


The concerts tour presents to the audience different aspects of Jazz, in fusion with Bossa Nova and Latin Music. Chico Oliveira's band invites a different musician to each meeting, always on Fridays at 7:30pm.

06/03 - Chico Oliveira and DJ Danilo Stellet

A Mix of rhythms in the works of Chico Oliveira with the participation of DJ Danilo Stellet. A fusion of Jazz chords and others, with the irreverence of one of the greatest warm ups in the country.

13 / 03 - Chico Oliveira and Big Band Metalmanera

The group has a diverse setlist, with traditional American Big Band themes, in addition to Brazilian songs with never seen before arrangements made just for Metalmanera.

20 / 03 - Chico Oliveira and Soul Band

Formed by metal, piano, guitar, bass, drums, percussion and the participation of the great R&B singer Hugo Rafael interpreting classics of Blood Sweat and Tears, Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire, Black Rio Band and others.

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